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Sunday, October 18, 2015

General Information about Workers Compensation in Pennsylvania

I was injured at work. Do I have the right to be compensated for my injuries?

The right to be compensated for workplace injuries is encapsulated in the Workers Compensation Law. Pursuant to this law, employers are required to provide compensation for injuries which occur on the job. The types of expenses covered include medical expenses, wage-loss compensation, and if the injury is fatal, death benefits.

What type of injuries are covered? Pennsylvania law requires employers to be responsible for compensating for illness, injury, or disease, except when such is intentionally caused by the employee or caused by the employee’s violation of the law. On a more morbid topic, if the injury is one that severs a body part from one’s body, the employer is required to compensate the employee for the loss of that part. Occupational diseases are generally covered if caused by, or aggravated by, employment.

It is important to note that the employer’s responsibility to compensate the employee for injuries is contingent on the employee notifying the employer that such an injury has occurred. Failure to notify one’s employer in a timely fashion can eliminate the employee’s right to benefits.

The employee has the right to choose the healthcare provider, except in instances where employers have posted an exclusive list of accepted health care providers. Employees should verify coverage before undergoing treatment to avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

If there is a dispute with the employer, cooperation is recommended. If such communication is unsuccessful, the dispute may be forwarded for a hearing before an administrative judge.

It is important to recognize that professional representation at such a hearing can be crucial to the accurate resolution of the claim. The employer and insurance carrier will surely be represented by experienced counsel, and without corresponding representation, the employee is at a disadvantage. In order to obtain highly skilled legal counsel for such a hearing, or for any and all interaction with the workers compensation system in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, call Louis P. Lombardi II & Associates toll free at 888-818-4343 or locally at 610-239-7600 to speak to an experienced attorney today.

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