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1. A long haul tractor trailer truck driver who lived in Delaware and drove throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware suffered a serious injury to his knee while trying to climb into the cab of his truck while working in the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to his serious knee injury, the driver was bombarded by the workers' compensation insurance company with many arguments against his claim. Some of those arguments included whether or not he was an actual employee of the company or whether he was an independent contractor, the severity of his work injury because of a pre-existing problem with his knee, the correct jurisdiction of his workers' compensation claim and even the correct calculation of his wages, benefits, and income. All of these defenses by the insurance company were systematically defeated by our firm and we were able effectuate a substantial settlement for our client. As a result, our client has moved on with his life and is now engaged in successful employment within his physical limitations.

2. A highly successful Philadelphia nurse suffered an injury that was almost impossible to explain and to prosecute. The nurse was simply feeding an infant child when she suddenly developed severe shoulder and arm symptoms. The medical experts were baffled by the simplicity of the injury as compared to the extent of the severe shoulder and arm symptoms suffered by our client. Even our client's own doctor could not adequately explain the cause and the severity of our client's injuries and symptoms. In spite of all of these hurdles, Louis P. Lombardi and Associates, P.C. was able to obtain a substantial settlement in this very difficult factual and medical case.

3. A contractor from the Maple Glen area was having difficulty getting the workers' compensation insurance company to pay for his medical treatment because of the old age of his work injury. To make matters worse, our client had stopped working for his prior employer and was now self employed in a physically demanding job as a landscaper. Because of our firms experience in handling difficult medical issues in cases, we were able obtain a successful result for our client and for his treating physician.

4. Many times a client will be involved in multiple prior motor vehicle accidents before he comes to our firm for representation in a new motor vehicle accident. In one case, our client was involved in his 3rd motor vehicle accident in Norristown, Pennsylvania. The challenge in this case was to separate his new injuries from his most recent motor vehicle accident from his prior injuries, and to demonstrate the aggravations from this most recent motor vehicle accident of his injuries from his prior motor vehicle accidents. Despite his prior accidents, our client still received a substantial settlement for his injuries from his most recent motor vehicle accident. This was due to our spending the time needed to organize and present the facts and medical treatment records in a persuasive and effective way.

5. Sometimes, one of the most difficult parts of obtaining a successful settlement for a client, is advising the client regarding appropriate medical treatment and monitoring the client's medical treatment particularly when there are very little objective findings to substantiate the symptoms suffered by the client. For example, in one case our client was involved in an accident in Chester, PA. Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck while it was parked so that there was no serious damage to the vehicle. Consequently, our client's injuries were difficult to substantiate in any objective manner. By advising our client regarding appropriate medical treatment, including medical specialists and by monitoring our client's medical treatment status, we were able to bring this case to a very successful conclusion for our client.

6. A long time plumbing and heating contractor from Glenside, PA suffered a devastating injury to his lumbar spine. As a result, his career was effectively over. And to add insult to injury, the responsible insurance company was contesting his right to ongoing disability benefits and his need for ongoing medical treatment. To make the case even more challenging, prior to retaining our law firm, our client had stopped all medical treatment for many years for fear that the medical bills would not be paid by the insurance company. After analyzing the case for an effective strategy, Lombardi and Associates was able to obtain an excellent settlement for this client. Our client is now working successfully in a new career.

7. The parents of a young boy from King of Prussia came to us because their young son was struck by a van while playing in the street and unfortunately suffered traumatic head injuries. They had already consulted with two prior law firms who informed them that their was no other avenue for them to obtain any compensation for their brain injured child since they had already obtained the total insurance policy limits of the driver of the van that struck their son. After sitting down with the parents and obtaining additional information and investigation, we were able to make a claim against the parents renters' insurance policy and obtain the entire policy limits so that their young son could now obtain the type of treatment that he would need for the rest of his life for his head injury.

8. The father of two young children is out on Halloween night trick or treating near Schwenksville. The father is holding his young daughter in his arms when he is suddenly and unexpectedly struck by a car and thrown into the air. Fortunately, this loving father had the presence of mind to cradle his young daughter in his arms which prevented his daughter from sustaining any serious injuries. However, he suffered permanent injuries to the left side of his body including his hip which disabled him from his self employed business. The state police report and the driver of the vehicle claimed that the father was standing in the roadway and therefore was at fault in causing this accident. Our firm was able to effectively counteract the damaging evidence and successfully obtained a substantial settlement so that this father could be adequately compensated for his injuries and get on with his life despite this serious accident.

9. After peripheral vascular surgery, a middle aged man, because of complications becomes ventilator dependent and requires constant monitoring at a Philadelphia hospital A fire alarm for a fire drill goes off and the hospital nursing staff leaves our client, who is ventilator dependent, unattended for a substantial period of time. In fact, our client's wife and daughter were the ones to find that he had become disconnected from his ventilator when he was left unattended during this fire drill. Unfortunately, our client ultimately died from this medical and nursing care negligence. Our firm was successful in obtaining compensation for our client's widow and her family for the wrongful death of her husband.

10. For many years our client worked as a heavy equipment mechanic for this Bucks County company repairing large trucks and other large heavy equipment. Our client frequently used various degreasing solvents with his bare hands because his gloves would quickly deteriorate because of the strength of these degreasers and solvents. After working for this company for several years, our client began experiencing hypersensitivity to every day products such as soaps and colognes. By extensive research and using specialized medical experts, our firm was able to successfully obtain a workers compensation settlement so that he could better deal with his extraordinary sensitivity and disability.

11. A construction foreman from Ambler was walking on the roof of a building to inspect a project for his employer. Suddenly and without any warning the roof collapses causing him to fall to the ground several stories. As a result, our client suffers multiple injuries, both externally and internally. Because of his strong work ethic, our client returns to alternative employment much quicker than any of his physicians believed would be possible. Despite his return to work, we were able to obtain a sizable workers compensation settlement for our client for both his weekly compensation benefits and his right to medical treatment.

12. A woman from Jeffersonville is rear-ended at a red light. She is in a large town car and there is only minor damage to her vehicle. Many of her complaints cannot be objectively identified by any diagnostic medical studies. In addition, because of her age she has many preexisting medical conditions. Despite all of these adverse factors, thru effective arguments and rebuttals to the insurance companies claims, a large settlement was obtained against the driver of the other vehicle and a large Underinsured Motorist Recovery was made for our client.

13. A school bus driver from Doylestown was stopped at a red light in traffic. Without any warning, the rear of his bus was struck so violently that it was pushed into the vehicle in front of him. Since our client was in the course and scope of his employment, we obtained our client's workers compensation benefits which included his right to medical treatment since he suffered very serious injuries. In addition, we aggressively pursued an additional claim against the driver of the vehicle that rear ended the school bus and caused this entire chain collision. Our firm is experienced in handling many work related motor vehicle accidents and other work related personal injury cases. There are many different rights which a client has in a work related personal injury case so that it is very important that all of these rights are correctly preserved and pursued to maximize the compensation to our clients.

14. Our client was a customer in a small convenience store in Reading when the store was robbed and our client was shot at point blank range by the robber. We were able to get a successful result and large settlement for our client since the store owner did not install proper safety measures that would protect and keep safe any customers in the convenience store. In addition to a successful civil action, our client was very appreciative of our continued help and support that our firm rendered as he and his family suffered through the criminal investigation and trial of this tragic crime. Lombardi & Associates worked with the Reading District Attorney's office to help put the perpetrator behind bars.

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