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Louis P. Lombardi II has more than twenty years of experience getting employees the medical treatments and monetary compensation they deserve for their work-related injuries. Carpal tunnel and repetitive stress disorders are serious injuries resulting from repeated motions that cause tissue tears and nerve damage over time. Unfortunately, many employers do not understand their seriousness since, unlike many other injuries, they are not visible. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania workers' compensation system recognizes injuries caused by the cumulative stress the body suffers over time, even if your employer does not. The Louis P. Lombardi II & Associates team can help you properly document your injury - by gathering and preserving evidence about the circumstances that have led to the injury and securing a proper diagnosis from a respected medical professional - so you are in a strong legal position.

Continued use or inadequate treatment can lead to permanent damage, so it is important that you receive the best care possible. Although you may be been discouraged from doing so, you have the right to see a medical specialist who handles carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries. Our law firm will take action if your employer or the insurance carrier refuses to cover treatment. We work closely with your doctors to document the degree of disability and prove the connection to your work duties.

Before becoming an advocate for injured workers, Attorney Louis P. Lombardi II worked as a defense attorney for the insurance industry, so our firm knows what strategies the insurance companies will use to try and discourage you from seeking the treatment and compensation you deserve. If you have been scheduled for an independent medical exam (IME), are being pressured to do work that aggravates your condition or your benefits have been terminated, you should to call one of our 3 southeastern Pennsylvania offices. 

While your medical bills may be covered by worker’s compensation, you might also be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries. We have helped hundreds of clients secure workers' compensation benefits or lump sum disability settlements for carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries.  

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel, a repetitive stress injury or any other worker’s compensation matter, you would be best served by contacting our office for a free case review. We will review your case and explain all of your options so that you can decide if you would like to make a claim.  We service the areas of Montgomery and Bucks County, Pennsylvania and can be reached at (610-239-7600 or 888-818-4343).

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