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The law firm of Louis P. Lombardi II & Associates, P.C., is not just any Bucks County Pennsylvania car accident law firm. We aggressively pursue your rights, and we are known for getting excellent results. We get those results because we pay attention to the details that matter in a personal injury case. In addition, our high standards in representing our clients include such things as finding and working with good doctors, regularly reviewing your medical treatment with you, getting your medical bills paid, recovering your out-of-pocket expenses, dealing with insurance adjusters and lawyers, and helping you to get your car repaired quickly. Call 1-888-818-4343 to schedule an appointment.

Legal Claims Based on Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Serving injury victims in Montgomery County, Bucks County and the Greater Philadelphia Area since 1991, veteran personal injury trial lawyer Louis P. Lombardi II has negotiated millions of dollars in settlements and skillfully obtained favorable settlements and verdicts for his clients:

  • Car accidents  The Limited Tort option that clients choose can be challenging to overcome when an individual has an auto accident. Our firm is extremely successful in finding exceptions to this limitation. Do not take the insurance company's word that you cannot make a claim. Call our office and speak to Mr. Lombardi personally. He will evaluate your insurance policy and inform you of your rights.
  • Truck accidents  We know how to conduct independent investigations to uncover any defects or abnormalities that could have contributed to a truck accident. We will expose any violations and protect your rights while holding the trucking companies accountable for the devastating aftermath.
  • Motorcycle accidents  Our firm recognizes that the injuries from a motorcycle accident are often more serious, with higher fatality rates. This is always devastating to families, and an experienced attorney in this type of case is essential. For example, even the insurance coverage in a motorcycle accident is different. Our firm takes special care in the investigation of a motorcycle accident.
  • Pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents  Even though pedestrians and bicycle riders are always the victims, car drivers do not always admit that they were negligent in any way. The prompt development of the facts and investigation are important in these types of cases. It is extremely important to contact us immediately after any type of pedestrian or bicycle accident.
  • Dog attacks  More and more people own dogs and do not properly supervise their animals. Individuals who have been attacked by someone's dog have many rights that may not be obvious. Do not think that just because you were on their property, you do not have rights regarding a dog bite. Besides making sure that your medical bills are paid, we will also obtain a monetary settlement for your pain and suffering. This includes any scarring or any physical limitations that you have suffered.
  • Slip-and-falls  When you slip-and-fall on someone's property, the property owner may be liable for your injuries. If there are known defects or dangerous conditions that caused your accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. But it is wise to consult an experienced lawyer, since there can be additional hidden factors that will help an injured individual to make a claim.
  • Negligent security  If you are the victim of a crime on someone else's property or place of business, the property owner may have civil liability for your injuries. There are many factors to be considered in this very unique area of the law. Louis P. Lombardi II has experience in investigating and exposing any liability of the property or business owner. Since more and more crimes are being committed in public establishments, this is unfortunately a growing area of the law. You need someone who is familiar with all of the legal aspects of these types of crimes. Call our office for a free consultation.
  • Work injury  We can handle your workers' compensation claim and any third-party lawsuits, as in construction accidents or work-related auto accidents.
  • Wrongful death  If someone else's negligence caused a fatal accident involving your loved one, we will help you and other survivors receive the compensation that you are entitled to in wrongful death cases. While there is no adequate compensation for this type of loss, our firm will aggressively pursue every avenue of compensation that the law allows.
  • Medical malpractice  Doctors and hospitals are responsible for injuries and sometimes even death when they breach the medical standard of care. This can include surgical errors, misdiagnosis of conditions, medication errors, birth injuries and other medical negligence. Medical malpractice lawsuits are complex and expensive — we have the financial resources, medical experts and trial skills to prevail.

For a permanent or catastrophic personal injury cases, we also retain doctors, surgeons, rehab specialists, economists, life care planners and other professionals to determine the long-term care needs and calculate an appropriate amount for lost earnings and pain and suffering.

Known for Our Experience and Results in Personal Injury Cases

Attorney Louis P. Lombardi II began his 29-year legal career on "the other side," defending insurance companies and large corporations. For the past 19 years, he has represented only the injured and his insurance industry insights are a huge strategic advantage for his clients. While his goal is the prompt settlement of his clients' cases so that they can move on with their lives, he is always prepared for trial if necessary. This is because, from the initial interview and throughout the case, no detail is overlooked or minimized. Mr. Lombardi is thorough in his representation of his clients. If these are the qualities that you want to see in your lawyer, and live in Bucks County, Montgomery County or the greater Philadelphia area, call or contact Mr. Lombardi for a personal consultation.

Remembered for Our Personal Attention

A personal injury accident creates many questions, fears and problems. At Louis P. Lombardi II & Associates, we take the time to explain your rights and answer your questions so you can make informed decisions. We return your calls and keep you informed of every development. Our firm greatly values long-term relationships with clients. We often receive referrals from friends and family of prior clients — even many years later. Our clients remember us because of the integrity and loyalty that they experienced firsthand as clients of our law firm.

Bucks and Montgomery County Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered any injuries or damages as a result of an accident, we want to help you. Contact our one of our three Pennsylvania office locations, for a free initial consultation. We accept serious injury cases in the Montgomery County, Bucks County and the Greater Philadelphia Area.

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