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Louis P. Lombardi is experienced in representing Pennsylvania clients who have been injured in on the job auto accidents.  Work-related car accidents are not normal car accidents. They bring with them a whole host of complications that can delay or limit your compensation if not handled correctly. These types of accidents also sometimes result in personal injury claims.  Our firm regularly works with clients who wish to pursue these civil actions in addition to their workers’ compensation claim.

“On-the-Job” Accidents

Whether an accident occurred while you were “on-the-job” determines from whom you can seek compensation.  If the accident is work-related your employer may be liable for your injuries. The first step in these situations is to determine if the accident you were involved in occurred “on-the-job” or not. This is not as simple as it sounds because the situation varies so much from case to case.

People who drive for a living are perhaps the clearest example of on-the-job drivers. Beyond that obvious example, the circumstance where workers’ compensation is available is highly dependent on the specific facts surrounding the incident. Our firm has recovered workers’ compensation benefits for workers involved in accidents while they were running an errand for the boss; driving to an off-site meeting; making deliveries; traveling for work outside of work hours; riding in a car with other employees; and many other situations. It is important to note that just because driving or riding in a vehicle is not typically part of your job does not mean that your accident is not covered by workers’ compensation law.  So it is important to have an attorney that is skilled in this complex area of law representing you. 

Workers’ Compensation 

If your accident was “on-the-job” your medical expenses may be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. You also may be entitled to weekly or biweekly disability benefits based on a percentage of your wages, including bonuses, overtime and second jobs. It typically does not matter how the accident occurred, even if it was your fault. Your medical bills and lost wages are covered, no matter what your employer may tell you.

Personal Injury 

You may also be able to file a personal injury claim against the other parties involved in the auto accident. These claims can be filed when you are not the party primarily at fault for the accident. 

If your accident was work-related, in addition to your workers' compensation benefits, you may also be entitled to recovery for pain and suffering caused by the accident. You will not be compensated for pain and suffering by workers’ compensation insurance.  Therefore, if you believe that you have a claim for pain and suffering, you should consider a private civil suit. If the accident did not occur “on-the-job,” a personal injury suit will be your primary means of recovery. 

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