Norristown, Pennsylvania attorney, Louis P. Lombardi II, is experienced in getting the victims of workplace injuries the medical treatment and monetary compensation they are due.  Although they are often not visible, back, neck, and spine injuries are serious. If not properly treated, they can haunt you for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, despite the seriousness of these injuries, employers are often reluctant to believe that employees complaining of back, neck, and/or spine pain are due anything. A good attorney can help you get the medical treatment and compensation you deserve for your workplace injury.

When you have a back, neck, or spinal injury, proper treatment is the key to minimizing the extent of injury and preventing permanent loss of function. Unfortunately, many employers and their insurance carriers are skeptical of back injuries — rejecting legitimate claims or resisting employees’ requests to see the specialists who can provide optimal care. As in the sports world, when it comes to workers’ compensation claims, the best defense is a good offense. Our firm can help you document the circumstances of your injury, and ensure that you get the best medical diagnosis and treatment possible.

In addition to medical treatment, you may also be eligible for monetary compensation. Attorney Lombardi has helped hundreds of clients secure workers’ compensation benefits or lump sum disability settlements for a spectrum of work-related back, neck, and spine injuries. 

The firm has assisted clients with the following injuries in obtaining medical treatment and monetary compensation:

• Bulging or herniated disc(s)
• Degenerative disc disease
• Nerve impingement
• Paraplegia, quadriplegia and partial paralysis
• Fractured vertebrae
• Spinal curvature
• Back strains
• Neck sprains
• Neuropathy/radiculopathy (chronic pain)

Despite what you may have been told, being unable to point to one specific period in time when your injury occurred does not make you ineligible for workers’ compensation. Though most clients report a pain that occurred while bending, lifting or performing some specific work-related activity, the firm has also successfully represented clients who suffer neck, back, or spinal pains caused by the collective trauma of repeated strains on the body.

Attorney Louis Lombardi used to work for the insurance industry, so our firm knows what strategies the insurance companies will use to try and discourage you from seeking the treatment and compensation you deserve. If you have been scheduled for a “so called” independent medical exam (IME), had your benefits terminated, or are receiving return-to-work threats, it is time for you to call our office. Our clients never have to wade through the mountains of paperwork, cut through the tangle of bureaucratic red tape, or fight the tactics of the insurance industry alone. We are dedicated to providing each and every one of our clients with personal service that we ourselves would want from an attorney if we were hurt and needed help. 

If you live in Montgomery or Bucks Counties, and have suffered a neck, back, or spinal injury, the time to contact our office for a free case review is now.  We will go over your case with you one-on-one and explain what options are available to you.  Call us at 610.239.7600.