Workers’ Compensation Brain Injury Claims

Brain damage can occur from head trauma, toxic exposures or oxygen deprivation. The extent of damage and the range of symptoms is different from person to person, and sometimes subtle or not immediately revealed.

In 18 years of handling Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claims, attorney Louis P. Lombardi has secured benefits and settlements for many clients who suffered a work-related brain injury. Call 610.239.7600 for a free case evaluation and compassionate, personalized attention.

Head and Brain Injuries

We have handled closed head injuries caused by falls, falling objects, on-the-job vehicle accidents and other direct trauma, as well as brain injury from exposure to toxic chemicals. Some of our clients have been totally and permanently disabled, requiring nursing home care or round-the-clock home care for the rest of their lives. Others could not return to work because of headaches, dizziness, vision impairment, problems with speech, memory loss, cognitive deficits or an inability to concentrate.

At Louis P. Lombardi II Law, LLC, our goal is help clients maximize their medical recovery. Some employers will insist that an injured employee see the company’s “official” doctor, who probably has limited knowledge of brain injuries. We will fight employers and their workers’ comp insurance carriers for coverage of testing and access to neuropsychologists, neurosurgeons, psychologists/psychiatrists, physical and occupational therapists, and other diagnostic experts or treating physicians.

Mr. Lombardi works closely with those professionals to document the physical, cognitive and psychological symptoms to demonstrate why the client cannot go back to work or what workplace accommodations they may need. He then pursues the claim for ongoing benefits or a lump sum settlement to cover future care needs, lost income and any permanent disability.

The employer should be notified as soon as possible of any work-related event that caused a head injury, even if no brain injury is apparent. The person should be examined by a doctor, and we suggest you contact our experienced lawyers before attempting to submit a workers’ comp claim.

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