Have you been told that you won’t receive workers’ compensation medical benefits if you do not consult with the doctor chosen by your employer? To find out if that is true, and to learn the truth about medical benefits and workers’ compensation medical claims, contact knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer Louis P. Lombardi II.

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At the Pennsylvania law firm of Louis P. Lombardi II Law, LLC, we focus our practice on representing injured people, especially people injured at work who need help navigating the workers’ compensation system. Since 1991, attorney Louis P. Lombardi II has provided aggressive and protective advocacy for injured workers in the Southern Pennsylvania area. Learn how to protect your right to receive workers’ compensation medical benefits after a work injury — call us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

The First 90 Days: You may be told that during the first 90 days after your work injury you have to consult doctors chosen by your employer. This may or may not be true, depending on whether your employer followed specific workers’ compensation procedures.

Proper and thorough medical treatment after a work injury is the most important priority. Your health and well-being is too important to give control of your medical treatment to a doctor who may or may not have your best interests in mind. Doctors chosen by your employer may be biased toward your employer and may try to limit or end your treatment in ways that do not best meet your medical needs.

If your employer is trying to monitor and influence your medical treatment, consult an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to find out how to protect your rights to independent medical treatment.

Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)

Your employer does have the right to demand independent medical examinations (IMEs) throughout the time you receive workers’ compensation medical benefits. At the same time, there are situations when an employer may not have the right to require the claimant to attend an IME. Our firm can assist you in determining whether or not attending an IME is infringing on your workers’ compensation rights.

If an IME is scheduled, Louis P. Lombardi II Law, LLC, works closely with our clients to prepare them for these independent medical examinations. The IME doctor is looking for ammunition that the insurance company can use to terminate your benefits. This could result in the loss of your future right to medical treatment and your weekly compensation benefits. Therefore, it is imperative that you obtain clear legal advice before attending an IME scheduled by the employer’s insurance company.

Contact our law office as soon as possible after a work injury to protect your workers’ compensation medical benefits. Or, if an IME has been scheduled, call our office before you attend it.

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