Workers Compensation Death Benefits

We are truly sorry if a member of your family has died. We understand what a shock it is to lose someone who simply went to work one day and didn’t come back. Our lawyer and staff are here to help in any way we can during this difficult time.

The first way we can help is in the filing of a claim for death benefits under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law. The spouse and dependent children are entitled to substantial compensation for work-related deaths, but these are complex and fact-sensitive cases. There could be additional claims against third parties whose negligence contributed to your loved one’s accident.

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Work-Related Deaths

Family members are eligible for death benefits if the person died in a work-related capacity (not necessarily “at work”). Those benefits include:

  • Medical bills following the accident
  • Funeral expenses
  • Ongoing support to the wife or husband
  • Additional benefits for minor children

The surviving spouse receives a percentage of the deceased’s workers’ compensation benefits for life (or until remarriage). This amount increases with the number of minor children. Dependent children are entitled to benefits until at least age 18.

Attorney Louis P. Lombardi has practiced in workers’ compensation law since 1981. He is very well versed in the determination of benefits for work-related deaths, and carefully documents claims to ensure that clients receive the full benefits in a timely manner.

He has recovered death benefits for fatal falls, fires and explosions, electrocution, heavy equipment accidents and other workplace tragedies, including heart attacks that can be proven to be work-related (no small task).

Third Party Claims for Wrongful Death

In construction site deaths and other work-related fatalities, there may be grounds for a negligence lawsuit against a parties other than the employer, such as:

  • A negligent subcontractor on the same job site
  • A manufacturer of defective machinery or equipment
  • A motorist who caused a work-related auto accident
  • A property owner who created or allowed unsafe conditions

Mr. Lombardi will explore all potential actions for damages. He can also negotiate lump sum settlements of workers’ comp death benefits when it is in the family’s best interests.

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