Disfigured by a Work-Related Accident?

In addition to disability benefits if you cannot work, Pennsylvania workers’ compensation pays for the lasting impact of burns, scars, lost fingers or other specific loss from a workplace injury.

The law firm of Louis P. Lombardi II & Associates pursues all entitled benefits for injured workers. With three office locations throughout Pennsylvania, we represent clients in Montgomery County, Bucks County and throughout the Philadelphia area. Call us for a free consultation about your workers’ comp rights and potential claims.

Compensation for Burns and Scarring

Visible scars on the face, head or neck are eligible for benefits. Workers’ compensation also pays for the costs of reconstructive surgery (plastic surgery) to minimize the disfigurement or graft skin for severe burn injuries. If the burn injuries are temporarily or permanently disabling, you are also entitled to weekly benefits or a settlement.

Our experienced attorneys have secured disfigurement claims for burns, lacerations, broken noses and other injuries that alter appearance, including surgical scars resulting from work injuries.

Specific Loss / Permanent Loss of Use

In many work accidents, the injury is permanent but does not prevent the person from returning to work. A severed finger or toe, eye injury or hearing damage, a permanent limp, or reduced function in hands, arms or legs might qualify for specific loss benefits or permanent loss of use benefits. Claimants can also collect for any temporary disability.

Employers and their insurers may dispute that the injury is disfiguring or that it meets the criteria for loss of use. Louis P. Lombardi applies 28 years of experience as both a plaintiff’s attorney and former insurance defense lawyer to demand your rightful compensation, including negotiation of lump sum settlements. He also fights to ensure that clients have access to qualified surgeons and specialists to treat burns, scars or functional limitations.

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