The Workers’ Compensation Claims Process and Notices of Denial

The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation process is legally complicated, with many time-sensitive deadlines. Employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies frequently fight tooth-and-nail to limit workers’ comp payouts — even in cases involving serious and life-changing workplace injury. There are strict rules and guidelines that are case sensitive. Our law firm, based in Montgomery County and Bucks County, is aware that every case is unique and needs to be individually assessed to maximize the claimant’s recovery.

The workers’ compensation process is litigious and involves many hearings and medical expert deposition testimonies. This requires legal skill and experience. For example, missed deadlines or failure to file proper pleadings can be fatal to a claimant’s case. As a result, a claimant may lose any rights that they have.

The employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company have no incentive to inform you of your rights or to help you to obtain your benefits. They have the knowledge, the experience and the lawyers to help them be successful against you. Therefore, you need the effective representation of attorney Louis P. Lombardi II to defeat the insurance company.

Notice of Denials: If you receive any type of denial of your workers’ compensation benefits, do not be discouraged. Our firm can help you to obtain your rights. There are many reasons why an insurance company will automatically deny your benefits. The remedy to reverse this denial can be challenging, but not impossible. The Montgomery and Bucks County Law Firm of Louis P. Lombardi II has had great success in overcoming denials from the workers’ compensation insurance company and obtaining the claimant’s benefits.

Our success is reflected in the favorable decisions we receive for our clients in case after case, year after year. As Chairman of the Montgomery County Bar Association’s Workers’ Compensation Committee for over 16 years, Mr. Lombardi is highly qualified in workers’ compensation law. That is significant in the workers’ compensation process, because different lawyers get different results.

Because of a lack of experience and knowledge of some attorneys in the workers’ compensation process, a claimant’s case can go on much longer than necessary. We know claimants want and need to get compensation as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help expedite the claims process as much as possible.

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